Art that harnesses the creative spirit of your brand to create provocative relationships.


What we create isn’t the same every time. 

Eyegasmic imagery leaves us in that magical space between satisfaction and curiosity. 


We work to empower your vision and bring it to life in a provocative way that engages consumers and builds loyalty.





Frances Davis is a creative director, photographer and digital artist.

Her professional work includes photography for a wide range of clients in different industries including; cannabis, fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

Frances grew up in Manhattan taking weekly trips to gallery shows and openings. She studied photography at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and shortly thereafter began a mentorship with an established photographer in Miami. After that she spent 7 years living in Puerto Rico where she fell in love with vibrant colors and intense light.

Frances is a prolific artist and creator whose personal work takes her into the realms of photo-manipulation, self portraiture, and a wide variety of creative projects. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon. 


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